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July 11


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A white, ginger and brown cat opened her eyes. She was standing on a small gray rock, just big enough for her. The world was black, everything was. So open and lonely. She was in oblivion. She had died once to many. Longing tugged at her heart, and she thought of all her friends, her family, her love. It was gone. All gone. She laid down and began to cry. This was what the rest of everything would be like. But this couldn't be for the good cats. Could it? Was she a bad cat? What had she done wrong? Her head whirled and spun as she sobbed, harder and longer, but that was the only thing thing to do. Suddenly a force of wind gust and made her slip off her rock. Down and down she went, until she was suddenly in a cave, a shining stone in the middle, and beside it? A bald cat with sightless eyes turned to her direction.
"Ahh, you've come." He whispered.
"Who are you? Where am I?" She asked, starting to panic.
"First let us find out who you are? Do you remember anything?"
"I-I'm Spottedleaf of ThunderClan. I-I had one brother and one sister my age, and a cat named Clawface murdered me when I was a forest cat. I was killed again in the Dark Forest battle. I'm supposed to be dead." The blind cat looked at her with wide eyes.
"So you remember your life, not only your name?"
"Umm yes?"
"You , are, special!" He whispered, running into a tunnel in the wall.
"Hey, get back here! I need answers!" Spottedleaf bolted into the tunnel behind him. It was dark, but felt so familiar. She ran through the darkness, running into walls and turning down different tunnels. It was long, and so dark, so dark. Longer she ran, until her legs felt sore  and broken. Finally there was light. The blind cat was there, his eyes widened and wildly confused.
"No one has ever made out of the cave alive! Except for Cinderpelt when she was reincarnated..."
"Cinderpelt? Wait, who are you? Tell me don't run this time!" He grunted and began to speak.
"I am Rock. I watch over the Moon Tunnels, were I reincarnate cats when needed and erase the memory of cats who die twice."
"You-you made Cinderheart?"
"Sorreltail did the body and physicality, I made her heart, spirit, and soul, with help from Cinderpelt, that is."
"You'll erase my memory?"
"I will-"
"Please do it quickly, the last though in my mind will be of Firestar."
"Do you want kits?"
"Wait what?"
"Answer the question."
"Of course! But I can't... I don't have mate and I'm a medicine cat."
"Do you want your brother to live?"
"Do you want to be a true warrior cat?"
"What do you mean...?"
"Fighting! Hunting! Protecting your loved ones!"
"I-I guess...?"
"Finally, do you want Firestar?"
"Yes! Of course!"
"I can only do this every thousand generations... And takes even more away from me... But would you rather rot in oblivion, never remembering, or living beside your one and only love?"
"Spottedleaf, prepare to live a whole new life!" He eyes began to glow, and mist swirled around them, blocking sight to anywhere else. She looked around terrified, and at that moment, everything went silent.
So yeah! Tell me if you like! I already am making chapter one xD
TsubakiBlackstar Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student General Artist
I like this alot! I can't wait to see a continuation
Jinx-Draws Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! I'm glad you like it! As for chapter don't have to wait long x3
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